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The distinguished basic cleaning unit of alba, with 8 modern special proprietary truck tanks for evacuation and disinfecting, the highly trained personnel, its chemical, disinfecting and perfuming liquids, enable the company to provide consistently and promptly the client with the necessary regular daily and weekly services of the toilet, which include:
  • Evacuating the waste tank
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the cabin both inside and outside with 120 bar pressure
  • Replenishment of the chemical liquid BIOLEIN (thanks to which the odors and waste are disintegrated)
  • Replenishment of fresh water for the tank and hand sink
  • Soap and toilet paper supplies
  • Replenishment of the hand disinfection machine
  • Fresh perfuming of the cabin
  • Restoration of small damages and, if necessary, replacement of the toilet
In case of small or great events, the below services may also be included:
  • Several cleanings during the event at predetermined time intervals
  • On-site service
  • Permanent attendance during the event, and service according to the needs
All our products are imported from Germany and the USA, they are certified by the European Union, the General Chemical State Laboratory, and Biological Units and environmentally friendly, highlighting our high-level services.
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