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Chemical Toilet: POLYJOHN
Events, Special events, Dressing-rooms of artists, Concerts, Parks, Ports, Emergency cases, etc.
Innovative and exceptional design with comfortable interior for covering the most special needs and events.
The hand-washing sinks operate with fresh water, without recirculation.
POLYJOHN is available in white - grey and blue.
  1. Closed type toilet bowl with backwater valve
  2. With two foot-pumps (for hand-washing sink and toilet bowl)
  3. Liquid soap pump
  4. Special night electric lighting (for receptions)
  5. Paper towel dispenser
  6. Hand-washing sink
  7. Hangers
  8. Mirror
  9. Lock
*The chemical toilets are available for sale or rent.
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ELOT EN ISO 9001:2000
ELOT EN ISO 14001:2004